Those who love GOD, all things work together for good. – Romans 8:28 Episodic memories is a psychological hypothesis, that holds a lock on the brain memory by coalescing stimulus of time and place to help us remember something important. This psychological term may not be familiar, but I’m sure, everyone would have had episodic […]

Tradition is a guide and not a jailer says W. Somerset Maugham.
Recently, I see lot of friends posting meme’s and sharing posts about Jallitakattu. So, just thought of sharing my view.

What so special about getting up early? I don’t know, I was taught, waking up early and going to bed early is a good habit. Fine. Till I finished high school, I considered it as a transgression to sleep beyond 6 A.M. Not that, I was so disciplined, but I would receive whammies on my […]

Clear Sky, 31°C D001,Sylvan County, Railway Station Rd Kung Fu Panda 3 Just now finished watching Kung Fu Panda 3. I was reminded of one simple truth from the plot of the movie. The Panda Boo will try to destroy the villain kai in flesh. But, will miserable fail. So, it will take the enemy […]

Daily Devotionals Daily devotional books helps us in understanding the Bible in an illustrative way. I other words, Daily Devotionals helps us understand God in layman terms. My mother had the habit of reading the ‘Streams in the desert’ and ‘Our Daily bread’ in my mother tongue (Tamil). Though, I will not understand a bit, […]

 Long time no pressing the word Scattered Clouds, 28°C NH Service Rd I started blogging when I was reading second years of Bachelors. I think so much. But, I am very lazy to record my thoughts in webpages. In 2012, I started two blog pages in as well as For almost three years, […]

Remembering the Resurrection of JESUS As we are about to end the Lenten period, by remembering the resurrection of JESUS CHRIST (Easter), I want to share something about the resurrection of JESUS CHRIST. I hope that all the crucified followers of JESUS CHRIST strongly believe that JESUS rose from the dead, as portrayed in the […]